Redesigned for Latest Windows OS


User Account Control (UAC) has been introduced to Windows Vista and later for security. NCSwitch4 works properly both UAC is turned on and off.

New task bar in Windows 7

Windows task bar design has changed since Windows7. NCSwitch4 conforms to the new design and becomes more intuitive than ever.

You can choose to restore PC settings from a jump-list which appears by right-clicking (long tapping) NCSwitch4 task bar button.

You can see restoring progression on NCSwitch4 task bar button.


On the internet, Communications protocol is now migrating from the old IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) to the new IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6). Windows Vista and later support natively.

NCSwitch4 can save / restore both settings.

Mobile Broadband

"Mobile broadband" has been introduced to Windows8, "Mobile broadband" stands a sort of network connection which use cellular networks, such as LTE and 3G, to send data packets.

NCSwitch4 is now be able to save / restore the connection status of mobile broadband in addition to ethernet and Wi-Fi.

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