NCSwitch 4.6.2Download
  • There are 32-bit and 64-bit edition. Please choose one corresponding to your Windows edition. (Different edition cannot be installed. If you don't know your Windows edition, Please try to install both edition.)
  • There is a 30-days trial period for NCSwitch4. Once the trial period has expired, you'll need to purchase a license key.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 (32bit/64bit)
  • Windows 8 (32bit/64bit) ※ except for Windows RT
  • Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)

Change Log (Show All)

4.6.2 - 28/May/2019
  • Fixed a bug where network connection error occurs when both current IP settings and new IP settings are using DHCP.
4.6.1 - 01/Nov/2018
  • NCSwitch became distributed with code signing.
  • NCSwitch terminated Windows Vista support because Microsoft has already terminated it.
4.6.0 - 25/Sep/2018
  • NCSwitch supports silent install with msiexec command.
  • Automatic Restoration feature can be opt out during installation.
  • Fixed a bug where static IP addresses remains in spite of DHCP configuration has restored.
4.5.0 - 25/May/2017
  • NCSwitch can now save/restore Wi-Fi on/off status of Windows 10.
  • NCSwitch can now save/restore WinHTTP proxy settings.
  • NCSwitch can now save/restore virtual ethernet adapter settings.
  • NCSwitch is now aware [Let Windows manage my default printer] setting of Windows 10.
  • The most recently used (MRU) list of NCSwitch is now updated after restoring in addition to saving.
  • IP settings of mobile broadband adapters are not saved/restored.
4.4.3 - 20/Jan/2017
  • Fixed a bug where NCSwitch Wizard quits unexpectedly during reading IPv6 settings on some PCs.
  • Fixed a bug where NCSwitch couldn't read Internet Option settings correctly on some PCs.
  • Fixed a bug where NCSwitch fails to recognize Wi-Fi connections when different Wi-Fi areas use same SSID.
4.4.1 - 03/Sep/2016
  • A new option that skips over connecting Wi-Fi network or mobile broadband during network interface restoration.
  • Restoration order has changed to [Network Interface] and follows [Power Plan] so that you can restore both power options of wireless adapters and wi-fi connections at same time.
  • NCSwitch can save and restore network interfaces disconnected from Wi-Fi or wired LAN.
    In addition, [Network Interface] has changed restoration order into the reverse of "Wi-Fi connection -> TCP/IP settings".
    These changes mean that your PC won't attempt to connect to the wi-fi network with the wrong TCP/IP settings during restoration.
  • Fixed a bug where NCSwitchConsole.exe freezes during [Network Interface] restoration.
4.3.0 - 04/May/2016
  • NCSwitch can now save/restore status of Windows Firewall rules.
  • Fixed a bug where some text on NCSwitch windows are hidden when you use high contrast theme.
4.2.1 - 10/Feb/2016
  • Fixed a bug where NCSwitch couldn't save wireless connection settings.
  • Fixed a bug where NCSwitch saves static IP addresses which are assigned internally and expire.
  • Fixed a bug where NCSwitch recognizes an incorrect network as connected if NCSwitch has failed to delete a configuration.
  • Fixed a bug where NCSwitch recognizes an incorrect network as connected if you've gotten rid of network interface settings from a configuration.
4.2.0 - 09/Jan/2015
  • Fixed a bug where NCSwitch couldn't restore mobile broadband (cellular network) connection.
  • Time of restoring network interface setting is now shorter than earlier version. (up to 3 sec)
  • Automatic restoration now sees whether it's a dial-up or VPN connection in order to change to the correct configuration.
  • Fixed some error handling routine that makes NCSwitch freeze.
4.1.1 - 23/Aug/2015
  • NCSwitch now supports Windows10
  • Fixed a bug where NCSwitch couldn't restore sound volumes for certain sound devices
4.1.0 - 02/Jul/2015
  • [Remote Assistance] has been added in PC Settings NCSwitch can restore
  • Improved that "Recognizing Network.." notification message appears frequently

Purchasing License Keys

Please purchase license keys if you feel NCSwitch4 is useful.

Price $11.99
License Agreement Please check NCSwitch4 End User License Agreement.
By purchasing a NCSwitch4 license key, You agree to this End User License Agreement.
  • Please make sure NCSwitch4 works as expected on your PC or tablet before purchasing.
    During the 30-days trial period you'll have access to all of NCSwitch's features, without a license key.
  • A license key is required for each device, such as PCs, tablets.